Tucker Carlson wants to tell you something

Fox News celebrity Tucker Carlson swears that he would never judge anyone by the colour of their skin. Not really.

Having gone on record too many times to count, Carlson accused Black Lives Matter advocates of being a ‘mob’ and pointed out that immigrants make this country ‘dirtier.’ But exceeding…

Since when were intelligence and leadership ever prerequisites for public office?

When BARBIE© hit the market in 1959, she cost $3. But don’t be fooled by the low sticker price. Adjusted for inflation, that’s $29 in 2020.

Which reminds me.

The SDNY has been making some threatening noises about a certain other Barbie’s inflated invoices to her Daddy’s GREAT AMERICA SUPER-PAC…

I’ll admit to creep-stalking my Ex on Facebook.

When she came back into my head, I decided to use the memories as model for the protagonist in one of my novels-in-progress and, as characters often do, she literally wrote herself into the story. I always Google the names of potential…

Soon you will be dead and none of it will matter (Marcus Aurelius)

This is my mother’s brother Francesco Palmisano. He died at two years old during the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918. I never knew him. The photo is of a lapel button known as a “Memento Mori” that my grandmother wore while grieving.

With the decline of infant mortality in the…

A short story

On a sweltering day in the muggy summer of 1980, Father Adam Di Domenico was perusing the Vancouver Sun newspaper when he noticed a public announcement for an upcoming book festival at the Jewish Community Centre. The Centre was located on the west side of the city at some distance…

The first lesson a pub’s editors need to learn is respect. Everything else follows.

This essay is dedicated to an editor who shall remain unnamed. Where I live, we’re big on respect — live and let live — but not stupid.

Let’s remember how many publications are out there. When a writer withdraws a submission and places it elsewhere, it’s the publication’s loss.


If you want to attract readers, then focus only on these topics

Like Elizabeth I of England, my cat is a virgin queen. Trouble is, she has come down with a nasty skin condition. She’s unhappy and I’m unhappy for her.

The affliction appears to be food-related. Unlike Elizabeth I, however, Mona Lisa doesn’t have a royal taster. Curiously, her mother developed…

Francesco Rizzuto

Everyone’s favourite Emmanuel Goldstein. Lives in LaLaLand. Chills at www.francescorizzuto.com

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