Tucker Carlson wants to tell you something

Author screen grab. Source: Fox News 20/01/2021

Since when were intelligence and leadership ever prerequisites for public office?

Author derivative. Source photo: Walmart.com

Not satire

A message from Misogyny Central

Screen grab, source: Chaturbate

More on how the system is watching us

Source: Wikipedia Commons, CC Licence

Then blow more smoke up the boss’s butt

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Satire (barely)

By the way, that’s a metaphor

Image by Jackie_Chance from Pixabay

Nazi gold extracted from the mouths of Holocaust victims found its way into Fort Knox

Dust Jacket for El Oro de Moscú y El Oro de Berlín, ISBN 84–306–0448–0. Author photo.

Wanna be a beta-reader for my new novel?

Twart (A Love Story Gone Wrong). Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay

Another stupid listicle

Some stern advice from Misogyny Central

Author image

Francesco Rizzuto

Everyone’s favourite Emmanuel Goldstein. Lives in LaLaLand. Chills at www.francescorizzuto.com

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